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iSurveyMap - GIS Survey and Mapping


Local governments, public utilities, and private business require GIS to be built upon accurate and complete geospatial data that supports the multiple uses and daily operations within an enterprise. Innorium will work as your partner to design, build, and implement a robust geospatial dataset to realize the full potential of GIS. Innorium’s iSurveyMap focus on all phases of building GIS, which includes:

  • GIS Design: Innorium will work with you to develop an innovative GIS design to best fit and improve the way your organization does business.
  • GIS Data Creation: Innorium's data creation services include the mapping of cadastral and administrative GIS features, geodatabase conversions, and spatial adjustment services.
  • GIS Implementation: Innorium has experienced technical staff to implement GIS at your organization through workflow analysis, training and support.
  • GIS Data Maintenance: Let Innorium’s experienced team of GIS maintenance technicians update and process your data.
  • GIS For Municipal Utilities: Innorium will map your locations and provide you with a GIS to more effectively support your responsibilities and services.