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Utility Billing, Accounting and Revenue Management System
Utility Billing, Accounting and Revenue Management System

Advanced billing, accounting and revenue management software gives you a simple, efficient and cost-effective method to gain full control over accounting processes of your organization. Simple and reliable bookkeeping utility is useful accounting software for small & large business organization to meet the exact needs of business in cost effective way. Our domain expertise solutions in the spheres of Billing, Metering, Collections, Automated Meter Reading, Spot Billing, MIS reports generation have transformed many utilities in nearing their goals of increased efficiency and providing better services to the end users.


  • Web based enterprise application
  • Role and Approval based security
  • Maintains consumer data and accounting details in consistent way
  • Integrated with external systems for spot billing, spot collection, meter reading, etc.
  • Security through encryption
  • MIS reports and visual charts for effective decision making
  • SMS and Email alerts for bill due and bill payment
  • Barcode generation for offline bills