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iWater - Water Utility Billing, Accounting and Revenue Management System

Water (Utility) Billing, Accounting and Revenue Management System
Water consumer services, billing and collection are key functions within a water company and can have significant impact on revenue and customer satisfaction. The development of flexible systems can ensure faster billing, drastic increase in collection and improved customer satisfaction in addition to the generation of useful operational information.

iWater is a web based enterprise product specifically built for water billing and revenue management. The product is self configurable to define the categories, rates and facilitates to do various functions of water departments like name change, category conversion, etc.

Features of iWater

  • Highly scalable web based enterprise application
  • Role and Approval based security
  • Maintains consumer data and accounting details in consistent way
  • Integrated with external systems for spot billing and spot collection, click here for more details
  • Security through encryption
  • MIS reports and visual charts for effective decision making
  • SMS and Email alerts for bill dues and bill payments
  • Barcode generation for offline bills