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iSolutions - Water

iSolutions (Water)

iSolutions for water is the collection of mobile based solutions which helps companies to connect with their business constantly through real time monitoring of instantly available billing and collection data.

Features of iSolutions:
  • Online Spot billing and Spot collection through GPRS
  • Offline spot billing and spot collection through encrypted data file
  • Spot identification of consumer number through GPS
  • Image capture of meter reading
  • Barcode printing and reading
  • Security through automatic device control system

iSolutions for water billing and revenue collection contains the following mobile based solutions
Mobile Based Solutions for Water Billing and Collection
  • iCalculate: Real-time on site billing with track of bill issued location, capture of meter image with current reading etc., which brings in transparency and accuracy with no frauds.
  • iCollection: iCollection helps for spot water bill collection on the issue of water bill which brings in drastic increase of revenue and gives better service to the consumer.
  • iDisconnectionManager: iDisconnectionManager helps field personal to check the defaulters and facilitates to disconnect and reconnect the water connections. This solution provides realtime information to the higher management.
  • iSearch: Using iSearch embedded in the mobile system, user can search for the water connection details based on house number, meter number and with different identification parameters.
  • iReports: iReports in the mobile helps to generate different kind of reports like no of bills issued, total collection, no of receipts issued etc.