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iTacs - Property Tax Collection System

iTacs (Property Tax Collection System)
iTacs is an enterprize web based system specifically designed for managing property tax collection. It is designed with self configurable feature which helps to define & change the rates as and when required. This also has role based security to define the role for each user of the system and approval based security to track who made what changes and at what time.

Features of iTacs
  • Integration with Innorium Cloud System: iTacs is completely integrated with the Innorium Cloud System and with this you can access iTacs anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • Dash Board System: iTacs is bundled with visual graphs and charts, which helps you to check the status very easily.
  • Integration with Spot Collection System: iTacs is closely integrated with spot collection system which is based on mobile technology and helps easy of property tax collection at the property owner premise. Click here for more details on Spot Property Tax Collection
  • MIS Reports: iTacs helps you to generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports which are very essential to you on daily/weekly/monthly and yearly basis.
  • Complete automated system: iTacs is completely automated system from start to end of the propertly tax collection process, there is no manual intervention required which helps to reduce the manual errors and to get the accuracy in the system.