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Utility Billing, Accounting and Revenue Management System

Electricity (Utility) Billing, Accounting and Revenue Management System
iEnergey is a web based enterprise product designed for electricity billing and revenue management. It includes start from self configurable tariff, consumer creation & modification, meter data management, online billing/collection, offline billing/collection, complaints process flow, 3D visual charts/graphs for analysis, approval & role based security and so on to disconnection/reconnection management.

Features of iEnergey

  • Highly scalable web based enterprise application
  • Role and Approval based security
  • Maintains consumer data and accounting details in consistent way
  • Integrated with external systems for spot billing and spot collection, click here for more details
  • Security through encryption
  • MIS reports and visual charts for effective decision making
  • SMS and Email alerts for bill dues and bill payments
  • Barcode generation for offline bills